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  • How long will the results last?

    Booster treatments are not necessarily needed with the i-lipo, as long as your weight, diet and exercise are maintained.  One treatment performed now and again is a good incentive to keep you in control.

  • How will I feel after my treatment?

    Results vary depending on the patient. Some patients feel completely relaxed and energized following their treatment. Some feel an increase in pain, and some feel an immediate decrease. Remember that the effects of Bowen take about a week to cascade throughout your body’s intricate physiological structures. Follow your practitioner’s instructions.

  • Why am I told to walk and drink water?

    Lymphatic fluid, or “lymph” is circulated through your lymph nodes, and is your body’s main resource for healing. Lymph carries valuable supplies throughout your entire body, and removes toxins and waste products for natural elimination. While your blood is distributed by the pumping of your heart, your lymphatic system does not have a pump of its own. It relies on simple movement and water consumption to keep it moving. The majority of your lymph nodes are conveniently located in areas that are stimulated by natural movement such as walking and swimming.

  • Why does the Bowen practitioner keep leaving the room?

    Just like the vibrations that are initiated by strumming the strings of a guitar, your muscular structures vibrate amongst themselves during a Bowen treatment. Once a specific group of muscles and tendons begin their vibration patterns, they must not be disturbed for a specific time period, usually two to five minutes. Your practitioner will leave the room to allow for the maximum effect to take place, as your brain begins the important feedback loop between the nerve receptors and the targeted areas of your brain.

  • What should I wear?

    Lightweight clothing is best. Jeans and slippery fabric are very difficult to work through, and may need to be removed. There may also be some special circumstances when you will be asked to remove your clothing. Sheets and blankets are provided for modesty and comfort. If this makes you uncomfortable, your Bowen practitioner can work around clothing.

  • What can I expect?

    During a Bowen session a series of moves are performed on the body through lightweight clothing or on the skin. After each set of moves, a few minutes pause is needed where the practitioner leaves the treatment room to allow the body to integrate them. A session can last 20 minutes to 1 hour. It’s highly recommended that the client commit to at least 21 day repatterning schedule (3 sessions), coming in for a treatment every 7 days. This establishes a pattern of healing in the system (if this isn’t established the client may not get the desirable results).

    After a treatment, you will feel relaxed and probably have more energy. Depending on your condition, you may experience immediate relief, or a gradual improvement over time. As an added bonus, one of the side effects of Bowen is that other, completely unrelated conditions will often correct themselves.

  • Will it work for me?

    With a success rate of approximately 88%, it is fair to say that Bowen works for most people. A lot of patients find it “too good to be true”, and after having tried several other techniques that have failed, become quite skeptical. Fortunately, the results speak for themselves with most patients feeling a substantial difference after only one session. Some serious conditions are actually corrected with only one treatment, but the average runs around three to five sessions, usually one week apart. As a general rule, if a patient has not experienced any relief or improvement after three sessions, we can conclude that Bowen Therapy simply is not for them.

  • Can everyone have the treatment?

    As with most treatments in your clinic, there are a few medical conditions that would stop us from performing the treatment. Your i-lipo™ therapist will go through a full health and medical questionnaire with you before your first treatment to ensure you are suitable.  This will also include a detailed description of the treatment and time for any questions you may have.

  • Is it suitable for men and women?

    The i-lipo™ treatment works equally well for both.

  • Does it hurt?

    The i-lipo™ is a low level laser also sometimes known as a cold laser because most people feel very little when it is used on them. I-lipo™ is a comfortable relaxing treatment where the typical sensation felt is just a slight warmth where the pads are in contact with your skin.

  • What inch loss could I achieve from this treatment?

    This will vary from person to person depending on your size, but the results from the treatment will be greatly improved by your commitment to the treatment. A healthy diet needs to be adhered to and an exercise program is important to follow to enable the released fat to be used up as energy.  This should be done the same day as your i-lipo™ treatment.

  • What areas of the body can be treated?

    The i-lipo™ course can be performed on calf’s, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms and chin. The i-lipo™ is a multi-pad system that makes treatment fast and efficient.  Typical treatment times are 30-45 minutes.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    To see maximum results a course of 8 treatments is recommended per body area. These treatments should be taken twice per week at regular intervals.