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Ilipo Sessions

Saher - Feb 20/19 - 5 * for ilipo Sessions

Lori is awesome. Had my session today with her.  She took time to explain the procedure in detail and answered my questions and concerns. I could see visible results after my first sitting.  Looking forward to other 3 sessions with her. Thanks Lori

Aileene - Jan 18/19 - 5 * - for ilipo Sessions


Jaymie - Dec 27/18 - 5* - for ilipo Sessions

Easy to find location, Clean, quiet place.  I had my first ilipo treatment. It was pain free. After the treatment you go on a vibration machine.  I was measured before and after treatment and had a body fat analysis done.  I definitely will return, i can't wait to start seeing results. 

Danielle - Nov 25/18 - 5* for ilipo Sessions

Lori is great!

Elizabeth - Nov 8/18 - 5* for ilipo Sessions

Lori was very friendly and helpful, she took the time to explain the process thoroughly. 

Cathy - Nov 2/18 - 5* - for ilipo Sessions

Lori is fantastic! Very friendly and explains the procedure very well!. Highly recommend her clinic for any services.

Valerie - Sept 16/18 - 5* - for ilipo Sessions

Amazing service.  Lori is fantastic. Would easily recommend!

Tanisha - June 7/18 - 5* for ilipo Sessions

I tried the ilipo and it actually did work. Great place, Lori is such a great lady. I actually signed up after my groupon ran out.

Destiny - May 12/18 - 5* for ilipo Sessions

honestly best experience ever! Although I got a deal under my husbands account, I's do it again and again. Also for best results eat clean during her session and light work outs. 

Megan - Sept 21/17 - 5* - for ilipo Sessions

Lori is amazing. very knowledgeable, extremely polite and I loved her service. her office is welcoming. 

Heather C. - Mar 24/17 - 5* - ilipo Sessions

Lori is fantastic!! I lost two inches off my waist!!

Bonnie H - Feb 28/17 - 5* - for ilipo Sessions

I had a great experience at Healthy Living Solutions. Lori offers a variety of services and a friendly, welcoming environment. 

Hongi H - mar 29/16 - 5* - for ilipo Sessions

Lori is a very nice lady. The service I got was great! I would love t refer my friends to go there.

Infrared Sauna

Trish - mar 27/18 - 5 * - for Sauna Sessions

Infrared saunas were great and super friendly service, very accommodating.

Lisa S. - Jan 6/17 - 5 * - for Infrared Sauna

Really enjoyed this.  Great for cold winter days

Bowen Therapy

Brian - Mar 21/19 - 5 *  for Bowen Therapy

Lori is an amazing therapist.  I have been having Bowen Therapy for years.  Every time I put my back or shoulder out, Lori fixes me up.  You have a healing touch. Thank you

Laurie - Nov 2018 - 5* - for Bowen Therapy

I clench my teeth at night and have a lot of jaw pain.  I was amazed at how effectively Bowen reduced my jaw pain in just a couple of adjustments. 

Ellis - June 2014 - 5* - for Bowen Therapy

i pulled my hamstring during my baseball game.  I was lucky Lori was at the game.  I received a hamstring adjustment and was playing ball the next day, like nothing happened

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Dianne - Sept 2016 - for Ideal Protein

After gaining 85 lbs with my pregnancy, I struggled with getting back to pre-pregnancy weight.  Ideal protein worked for me and it was easy and affordable.  In 6 months i lost over 55 lbs.  I love being able to fit into my old clothes. I couldn't have done it without the Ideal Protein Program and my coach Lori.  Thanks for all your support. 

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